Migrating from V0 SDK

We previously released an early version of the Whirlpool SDK to allow early developers to interact with the protocol before our official SDK release. Note that the public API has been refactored and it is not compatible with this release. That package will be slowly sun-setted in the coming months.

Old Whirlpool-SDK

Official Release for Whirlpools-SDK

Should I upgrade?

This new release migrated the following features from the old SDK
  • Fetching Whirlpool Accounts
  • Raw Whirlpool instructions for WhirlpoolConfig management, Position Management and Swap
  • Helper class to build complex instructions to interact with Whirlpools
  • Quotes to estimate deposit, withdraw and swap
  • Utility classes

Pending Features

If your program uses the following features from the old SDK, you may remain on that SDK until we launch the equivalent features on our official release.
  • get LiquidityDistribution for a Whirlpool
  • get APR for a Whirlpool
  • Accessing Orca ZooPlankton for Orca Pool Data
  • Dependency on the data-structures from the convert-data class